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beloved classy mac and cheese

No one denies that Mac and Cheese are the ultimate go to recipe when you don’t know what to prepare, what to eat or simply when you want to re enjoy your senses with your childhood home made mom recipes. this basic recipe can be deferent and tasty every time you re-use it.

You can add other flavors and incorporate deferent sauce to achieve your estimated dish.

Service:2 servings

Cooking time: 10min to 15 in the oven

Preparation time: 20 min in total


  • 1 lb of elbo pasta
  • 2 cups cheddar
  • 3 cups of milk
  • 2 tbsp of butter
  • 3 tbsp of all purpose flower
  • 2 tbsp of parmesan
  • Salt pepper to taste


Boil the pasta in a hot watered pot according to the package instructions

In a pan melt the butter, add flower to make a base sauce pepper and salt to taste

Pour the milk gradually, till mixed together

Add 2 tbsp of parmesan, 2 cups of cheddar cheese, mix

In a bowl, combine the boiled pasta with the sauce cheese we made

In a baking dish, transfer the mixture and top it of your favorite toppings

Bake at a 180 c° in a pre heated oven.


Top with buttered bread crumbs, Shredded carrots, mushrooms, beans, cheese or grilled bell pepper of your choice and more.

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