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Summer days are those days when you enjoy ice-cold drinks, pinacoladas, smoothies and more juicy exotic chilled juices. Summer is the best excuse to start out a whole new juice style to satiate your inner juice_oholic geek.

our recipes will be your go- to list whether you crave a sweet sugary mouthwatering liquid or a soothing fruity smoothy.

All you need to achieve your calming /heavenly tasty juice is fresh fruits and a good blender. That’s it!

Here is a list of our favorite juices and smoothies of all the time:

1- Banana Smoothie

When it comes to these lovely blended concoctions, the banana smoothie is a great place to begin. The recipe is very easy and a great way to use up bananas. It also makes a nice practice round to develop the right smoothie texture: nice and smooth—not too runny and not too stiff.

For this recipe, all you need is two bananas, honey, vanilla extract, ice, and yogurt. A great smoothie really is that simple! 

2- Tropical Mango Smoothie

If you’re looking for a smoothie that’s just as easy but a little more tropical, this is the recipe for you. This delicious mango smoothie requires just three ingredients and is a fantastic foundation for all your future smoothies.

The sweet taste of a mango is the star of this recipe. The only other things you need are yogurt and ice. It’s ideal for the hot days of summer and, if you like, toss in some banana and coconut. 

3- Watermelon Smoothie

You might think that a watermelon smoothie is going to be a one-dimensional drink. However, this recipe is more interesting than most and builds layers of intriguing flavors on top of the sweet summer melon.

This watermelon smoothie is a perfect example of the difference a few creative additions can make. The lime and mint complement the melon wonderfully, but it’s the ginger that gives it a fun contrast that you have to taste to believe.

4- La Tizana

It’s time for a little international influence and la tizana is an amazing fruit smoothie from Venezuela. You can think of it as a nonalcoholic sangria that makes a trip through the blender.

This recipe uses almost every fruit the market holds, including pineapple, mango, strawberry, grape, banana, and orange. Add limeade and grenadine and you have one of the fruitiest drinks possible.

5- The Best Juice for Vitamin A

There are two forms of vitamin A. The first are called retinoids, which are found in such food sources as meats, oily fish, dairy products, eggs, and fortified foods. And while these are all good sources of vitamin A, they’re also high in cholesterol and saturated fats.

6- Avocado Juice

Make a creamy, healthy avocado smoothie. Serve it as a refreshing snack or as a traditional Moroccan beverage during Ramadan.

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